In most instances, a lawful permanent resident may apply to naturalize and become a U.S. citizen, after 3 years, if they are married to a U.S. citizen, or after 5 years otherwise.  The person must be able to demonstrate they continue to reside in the U.S.; that they are paying their taxes; that they have no criminal convictions which would render them ineligible; and that they possess good moral character. The person will be tested on their ability to speak and write basic English, and their familiarity with American history and our system of government.

The N-400 naturalization application to become a U.S. citizen was recently revised, and has become far more complicated.  It is important applicants answer the questions truthfully and completely, otherwise the application may be denied.  Any individual with arrests or criminal convictions should retain an attorney to assist them, as they certainly be questioned about their criminal history.  In addition, certain convictions may trigger deportation, and it may not be advisable to even apply for citizenship.

We have successfully guided many of our clients through this process, even individuals with criminal convictions.   We can also advise you whether you may qualify to have the test taken in your native language.  We will  organize the required supporting documentation;  prepare you for  your interview;  and accompany you to your interview, if you would like us to. There are many benefits to naturalizing, and we can help you.

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