Our firm has litigated and won many appeals before the Board of Immigration Appeals, as well as the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

Board of Immigration Appeals

If an Immigration Judge orders a person’s deportation-removal, that person has an absolute right to appeal that decision to the Board of Immigration Appeals.  Our expertise in criminal, immigration and asylum law enables us to identify analytical errors made by the Judge, resulting in the Judge’s deportation order being vacated.   Immigrants also frequently lose their cases because their attorney was not familiar with the law, or failed to properly document and  present their claim: this is referred to as “ineffective assistance of counsel”.  By clearly identifying prior counsel’s  errors in our appeal, and by explaining how those errors prejudiced our client,  we have reversed many deportation orders and obtained new trials for our clients.  Our experience as trial attorneys enables us to identify errors committed before the Immigration Judge,  which is the key to winning on appeal.

Petitions for Review to Federal Court of Appeals

If the Board of Immigration Appeals denies an immigrant’s appeal of their deportation order, the battle is still not over. The immigrant has the right to appeal to the Federal Court of Appeals, by filing a timely Petition for Review.  The Court of Appeals is authorized to review the decisions of the Board of Immigration Appeals to determine whether there has been a legal error in the proceedings, and whether our client’s Constitutional rights have been violated.   These appeals are quite complex. They have strict deadlines, and are rarely successful without the assistance of an experienced appellate attorney.

Stay of Removal Pending Appeal

Our firm is experienced in  obtaining court orders – called a  “stay of removal” – which prevent ICE from deporting a non-citizen while their appeal is pending.

Legal Fees & Payment plans

A successful appeal is often the only way to save someone from deportation and a lifetime of  separation from their family and their life in this country.  Our fees are reasonable, and are tied to the complexity of the case,  and the time the appeal will require.  We offer payment plans so our clients can afford the cost of bringing an appeal.

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