Client Reviews

Asylum for my Godson

¬†After months of persistent and forceful work, George Terezakis was successful in winning my godson, a Mexican native, an order of withholding from deportation. Now my godson lives in the United States legally and has a work permit….My godson is the only family I have and I take care of him. George Terezakis took care of my godson as I would myself and he has both enabled him to remain with me and remain in a safer place.

- (5 star review)

Best Criminal Immigration Lawyer in Nassau County

George took over the case a week before the final hearing amidst tears and despair and was able to bring my brother back home away from the clutches of deportation. We haven’t stopped singing his praises in the nigerian community, some of my friends call him ‘SUPER LAWYER’. Any non- US citizen with any criminal charges should contact George immediately. He is the best.

- (5 star review)

Thank You, From the Bottom of My Heart

Thank you for your great help — you are truly an awesome lawyer. All the odds against me, you Mr.Terezakis, and your firm did an excellent job representing me to come out victorious in my situation. You’ll helped me get back to my family and my loved ones.

- (5 star review)

George is great!

I am a legal permanent resident who has lived in the US for 30 years with my wife and daughter who is now 25. Many years ago, the government decided to seek deportation for a conviction I had in the past. It was then, that i was referred to and retained Mr. Terezakis to represent me in my case.

For 10 plus years, Mr. Terezakis was very diligent and stayed with the case. Our immigration judge was very hard and wouldn’t treat me fairly but George still stuck with the case. Our judge placed a deportation order 2 times, and both times George was able to stop the deportation. Trial after Trial, appeal after appeal, until we finally won our case and immigration granted the waiver.

He handled himself very well in court, and was very knowledgeable about the legal issues. It also helped that he was fluent in spanish, so an interpreter was not needed.

George answered our questions professionally, and was easily accessible. We’d like to give a special thanks to George’s office staff, especially his assistant Sumi. She was very respectful and was always willing to help. She is a very caring person and often had comforting words when we needed to hear it.

I would recommend George to a friend, if they ever needed of an attorney! Thank you for everything. Our family appreciates it very much!

- (5 star review)

Thank you George!

Due to unfortunate circumstances, I have had the pleasure of having George Terezakis as my husband’s lawyer for an immigration case. My husband had a criminal conviction from 2004. We have consulted with several different lawyers over the years with the fear that immigration might try and deport my husband since he is a legal permanent resident. But no one thought he would have a good chance at winning. My husband was picked up by immigration last year and was detained for 4 months. It was a very difficult case, but with George’s hard work, knowledge and dedication, we won. The government appealed and we won again. Now the government is trying to charge my husband with a different charge to get him deported. The case is still ongoing, but at least he is home. George is a wonderful lawyer and I thank him and his assistant’s Sumi and Jen for all of their hard work to help keep my family together. I could not of picked a better lawyer than George Terezakis and I will always recommend him to anyone who is in need of a criminal/immigration lawyer. Thank you George, thank you!

- (5 star review)

After George Terezakis GREAT Service, My Family couldn’t Ask For A Better Lawyer !!!!

I highly recommend Mr. Terezakis because he is an excellent criminal and immigration lawyer. My dad had a DWI Case that was affecting his Immigration status greatly. My dad had seen Mr. Terezakis great reviews on the newspaper and decided to give him a call. Well I can honestly say that phone call made a large impact on my family. After listening to my dads case and reviewing it attentively Mr. Terezakis was able to win my dads criminal case and not just that but also won my dads immigration case that was opened shortly after the criminal. My dad has now won his residency thanks to Mr.Terezakis great job. I being my dads oldest daughter greatly appreciate Mr. Terezakis hard, honest, and kind job for my dad and my family. Without his help my dad would’ve probably been deported and my little sisters would not have had a dad role model in this country so once again Thank You Very Much for helping my family stay together.

- (5 star review)

Excellent attorney

We highly recommend Mr. Terezakis because he is an excellent lawyer. He did an amazing job representing my husband who was accused of some very serious charges. George is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He is very professional and very dedicated. I can’t thank him enough. I also need to thank his secretaries, Sumi and Jen who were very helpful and dedicated as well. I will certainly recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney because he is great.

- (5 star review)